Friday, 4 May 2012

Attorney complaints in Trinidad and Tobago

Q: I paid an Attorney for a service since September 2011 and he has not done anything. He has refused to give me a full refund, instead offering to return half of what I gave him. 

A: Every client has a right to file a complaint or grievance against an Attorney who has acted in an unethical, incompetent, or criminal manner.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of quacks in Trinidad and Tobago calling themselves Lawyers, who fall into one, or all of the aforementioned categories.

Here are the steps to follow if you are not satisfied with your Attorney's performance:

1. Raise your concern with your Attorney in writing.

2. Consult with another Attorney. If you can't afford it, contact the Disciplinary Committee at the Hall of Justice.

3. At the offices of the Disciplinary Committee you will be given two forms:
Form 1 is the formal application to the Disciplinary Committee.
Form 2 is an affidavit which must be sworn by you before a Justice of the Peace/Commissioner of Affidavits/Notary Public.

I STRONGLY suggest that you consult an Attorney because these forms may be too complicated for non-legal minds.

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Anonymous said...

Is it most likely that the police will take e sword away? Or not, I wasn't to clear on your response