Thursday, 12 January 2017

Vehicle Inspections

Q: How often does a vehicle need to be inspected in Trinidad and Tobago?

A: According to Regulation 27(1) of the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Regulations under the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act 1934, as amended:
v Every year for public service motor vehicles, rental cars, goods vehicles, omnibuses, tractors and trailers

v Every two years for private motor vehicles and motorcycles over five years old

Saturday, 31 December 2016

Making reports at any police station

You may be unlucky enough to walk into a police station where the people in uniform are lazy, clueless and just corrupt, so they'll tell you some nonsense about not being able to make a report at a certain station because it's "out of their area". Well, the next time you hear that crap, call one (or all) of the TTPS Division Heads. 

When Dwayne Gibbs was CoP, he insisted that this be done, but silly Trinbagonians chased him away and we ended up with the most illiterate CoP the country has ever seen in Stephen Williams. At least now they have finally decided to enforce what Gibbs had already put in place. Better late than never, I guess...

Monday, 7 November 2016

Criminal Justice Injustice

On 7th November 2016, the Trinidad Express newspaper published an article entitled LOST IN JAILwritten by journalist, Nikita Braxton-Benjamin.

After reading this story, we - as a people living in a civilised society governed by the rule of law and being a place where every one has rights - cannot continue to sit by and allow this and other similar kinds of injustices to exist and continue. Being in prison does not mean that a person has to suffer any type of injustice that the system decides to mete out.

This kind of injustice has to stop! I am fed up and frustrated with this unjust nonsense.

If you are aware of any case where a person suffered police brutality, was wrongfully arrestedmaliciously charged and/or prosecuted or is being unlawfully imprisoned like 42-year-old, mentally challenged Terrence Prince, please contact me directly by e-mail, or preferably, leave a comment below with information to reach you.

This is going to be Trinidad and Tobago's version of the Equal Justice Initiative.