Thursday, 12 May 2016

Paternity Testing and removing father's name from birth certificate

Q: Hi, for seven years, I was made to believe that I was the father of a child, but I have doubts. What can I do?
 A: The first step is to have a paternity test done. One place to get it done is:
Trinidad and Tobago Forensic Science Centre
Barbados Road, Federation Park 
St Clair, Port of Spain
Tel: +1 868 622-1011 or 622-2167

The cost as of now is $500 per swab. So, as father, that’s $1000 (baby and yourself). The test involves Macroscopic and DNA analyses.

·         If the tests prove that you are not the father and your name is not on the birth certificate, you’re fine.
·         If the tests prove that you are not the father and your name is on the birth certificate, you will have to visit an Attorney to apply for a court order to have it removed (important to have done).

Based on my experience in the legal profession, I would advise any man with just an ounce of doubt to get this test done. 


Slick CJ said...

how do we contact you I need some legal advice

Sarah Gosine said...

Hi, since 2014 I've been awaiting a judgement for decree absolute, child and property settlement. The other party refuses to settle. Is there anything I can do to speed up the process? Thank you.

Techbyron said...

Need some legal advice on common law right

Trinbago Rights said...

On this site, I provide information.

Browningfats said...

I did the paternity test through court and it came out am not the father, how do i remove my name from the birth certificate.

Trinbago Rights said...

Contact me.

Jay said...

Good day can I make an appointment to see you?

Amanda Singh said...

I'm looking for the contact information on the site, could you direct to where it is, please.

Kaveeta said...

Hi how do I contact you?

Trinbago Rights said...

Jamille85 at MSN dot com

aretha sinclair said...

Hi Mr.Broome I contacted you in May this yr,and you recommended that I meet with Mr.Mohammed from south.I met with Mr.Mohammed and he has taken up my plight;
Just to work inform youcofcthe latest development,
My ex employer n I met with the Officer at the Ministry of Labour for a conciliation meeting. However my ex employer decided he wanted to go to court.Socwe are awaiting further contact from the ministry.
Thanks so much Mr.Broome,because of you I feel liberated to get an opportunity for my voice to be heard in this matter.