Thursday, 13 August 2015

Trinidad & Tobago vehicle tint law

Q: Is 20% tint too dark/illegal to have on your car windows? 

A: There is no legal percentage in Trinidad and Tobago law. According to the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act 1934, as amended:

23. (1) Save as provided in this section—
(d) no motor vehicle the windscreen or any other window of which is fitted with glass so tinted, treated or darkened as to obscure the view of the inside of the vehicle from the outside

The law is not clear. Visibility through tint is relative and can be determined by the time of day, the weather, etc.

Also, the Act does not give a police officer the authority to order a driver to remove tint from their vehicle. Police officers don't know this, so they will still give the instruction. If you are instructed to do so, refuse and accept the ticket... then contact me.

When a law lacks clarity or is based on personal perception, it is impossible to enforce. 


  1. 1) Does License officers have the right to make you remove your tint if they find it to dark?

    2) If i wanted to contest a tint ticket in court and I win will the state pay my legal fees.?

  2. Is there any pass available for citizens to have dark tint on vehicles? If so what's the procedure in this?

  3. Does a police officer issue a ticket for tint? reason i ask is ,i heard from someone who was talking to a licence officer who is actually second in command said that a police can't charge you for tint or make up take it off. can someone clear the air on this .

  4. Can you quote or tell me exactly where in the law it states this so I can print it out n have it in my car.

  5. Where exactly does the law state this because I had dark tint n was forced to take it off I want this infor for personal knowledge

  6. My son was given a $2000.00 ticket for having dark tint. He asked the officer to remove the tint instead of the ticket and the officer refused and gave him the ticket. Could he contest this in court? Could this case be dismissed?

    1. If you read the blog, you wouldn't be asking this.

    2. a police made us strip our tint because he said it was to dark and ALL vehicles not suppose to have tint .... the tint shop we installed by said it was legal... the police was ignorant and didn't listen ... can we sue ?

  7. i got a ticket for tint in September, haven't paid it yet, how do i contact you?


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