Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Certificate of Character

Q: What's the process for obtaining a certificate of good character?

A: Well, unfortunately, the police can't give you a certificate of "good" character. All they do is give you a certificate of character; good or bad depends on your previous course of dealings.

1. Visit your local police station with valid T&T* identification and $50 TTD
2. The officer would record your details and take your fingerprints
3. Make sure you get your receipt
4. You must carry receipt and identification to collect the certificate

AVOID Central Police Station on St. Vincent Street, POS because it'll be at least 2 weeks before you get it done. The average wait time is about 3-4 days. Of course, like anything else in T&T, if you know a senior police officer, you'll get it the same day or next morning. ;-)

*Foreign nationals follow a different process


  1. What charges are excluded from a certificate of character and is there a way to have charges expunged from your record?

    1. I have heard of charges being expunged through court orders. I know the prisons drafted bills on the issues in 2000 and 2004, but they have been consistently ignored by all the governments thus far.

  2. I seek to know how do I proceed with an expungement of a 20 piece marijuana charge

  3. If you were charged with an offence and the matter is in court what would the certificate of character show

  4. How long is a certificate valid for?

  5. Hi.. I had a obscene language offence and I paid$100 but I am told that it will show on my certificate of character so is there any way that I can get it removed because I am married to a US citizen and I'm migrating so what can I do.. I heard that after 10yrs it comes off can you please help me thanks


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