Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Blogging Hiatus

I know that I have an inbox filled with unanswered questions, but I was swamped with work and my Masters degree assignments due last month.

I promise to answer ALL questions from Tuesday 15th, 2011.

Thanks for your patience and I apologize for any inconvenience, as I saw that some questions were urgent!


Sue said...

I am renting for the past 3 years from the same landlord. He was doing some renovations and contacted me and insists that he has to go in my apartment to change the door. I did not give me consent and informed him that i would be there in the next two hours. However, he still proceeded and went in without my permission. The workmen stole my customer's laptop. Who is responsible for the stolen laptop?

Trinbago Rights said...

The Landlord.

Anonymous said...

Hi good evening I need your expertise in this question:
If A purchased and surveyed a parcel of land and B was present for the said survey, after a couple years A decided he wants to block his property only to find out B has removed the boundary pickett and now claims that the portion he is not living on and that has been surveyed by A is his and makes confusion so that A builds his wall straight. After some years B decided that he would build on the said portion of land and join it to his old structure. A is now deceased and A's survivours has written to B stating encroachment of A's property, B then hires a surveyor and his surveyor states that he is in fact on lands of A and will have to break down can B now apply for adverse possession or amnimus possessendi.

Ricardo Sampson said...

If you have been on a land for over 25 years and the owner have not been coming for rent what can you do..

Lemoy Lamming said...

Hi good evening, there are some abandoned lots of land nearby to where I live, if I wanted to obtain this property how would I go about it so I'm within the law. Do just put up a structure and hope for the best or can I go to the city cooperation to find out if it is indeed abandoned?