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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Trinidad and Tobago trade union

Q: Which trade union would you recommend that I join in Trinidad and Tobago?

A: Just like lawyers, choosing the wrong trade union will make getting justice almost impossible. And unfortunately, many trade unions make workers sign up just to get their dues by promising them all sorts of favourable outcomes, when in most cases they have no case. 

If you want a knowledgeable trade union executive team with strong legal background, and who isn't focused on ripping you off, the trade union that I would recommend is the Trinidad and Tobago Workers' Association


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    1. If you don't have outlook, all you need to do is take note of the e-mail address.

  2. Well I can certainly say I chose the wrong union.

    I wont call it's name, save that they are often in the news concerning a telecommunications company.

    Imagine 6 years of representation by the union in a constructive dismissal matter caused by an abusive narcissistic supervisor at a religious school.

    All the time I am told I have a good case. Then the rep I had resigned and the replacement officer they tell me that the 30 pages of documentation of the supervisor's abusive behaviour towards me couldn't be used in court.

    It was dumbed down to 10 pages, leaving out so much important details.
    No wonder the magistrates from the very first hearing kept urging both parties to settle. One all but steups in his chair and slouched with his head propped up in his hand, a huge scowl on his face, when the parties could not settle after a 6 month period between hearings.

    Then after my first day on the witness stand My rep says that I can't win and advised to settle. So grudgingly, I did. The offenders were never forced to be accountable.

    Months later I learn directly from the Industrial court (via FB messenger) that there was never a limit on how much evidence you can submit.

    Sold out I was. VERY angry I am.

    Is there action that can be taken against the union in the case for misleading me?


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