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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Limitation of Certain Offences

Q: A friend of mine was caught stealing at her job back in 2012, and was subsequently dismissed and forced to repay the money. S/he has made efforts to repay the money, but eventually realised that the Company was not being honest about the remaining balance, so she stopped paying. The Company is now threatening to get the police involved to have her charged for larceny.

A: According to section 42 of the Summary Offences Act 1921, as amended:
42. All cases punishable under this Act of—
(a) larceny or stealing;
(b) attempting to commit larceny, or attempting to steal;
(c) aiding or abetting or counselling or procuring the commission of larceny or of stealing; (d) receiving any chattel or money or valuable security knowing it to have been stolen or otherwise unlawfully come by or obtained;
(e) fraudulent conversion;
(f) embezzling or obtaining or attempting to obtain under false pretences any chattel or money or valuable security with intent to defraud,

may be prosecuted at any time within twelve months after the commission of the offence.