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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Trinidad and Tobago Muslim Marriage Act, Chap. 45:02

Q:I'm trying to get a copy of the Muslim Marriage Act, Chap. 45:02
Can you post it please?

Here you go!
Muslim Marriage Act, Chap. 45:02.


  1. I am muslim. I want to marry a girl I love but my parents want it under a 'nikka' or muslim arrangement . Is this legal ? My fiancee is from Malaysia and wants to work and live here with me. Can I file for permanent residency in Trinidad under a muslim marriage ?

  2. While there are others, the main requirements for a valid nikka are:
    1. Both people must be Muslim
    2. The marriage must be done by a certified Marriage Officer
    3. The marriage must be registered within 7 days

    The Muslim Marriage Act gives nikkas the same validity as Christian marriages, so you can file for her.

    1. And by the way, polygamy is not legal in Trinidad & Tobago, regardless of your religion.

  3. I am a Hindu and i love a boy we are both hindu's and i wanted to know what is the age a Hindu girl could get married ?

  4. Is there a time limit to divorce and settlement under Muslim marriage?

  5. I want to know the legal rights as a working Muslim to attend jummah in trinidad

    1. There is no obligation to grant leave for worship, regardless of the religion.


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