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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Grounds for Divorce - Trinidad and Tobago

Q: I made a mistake and got married too young and have regretted it ever since so my question .....would I be able to get a divorce? (Question rephrased to exclude personal information).

A: See this post.


  1. I would like to file for a divorce. Both of us are Trinidad citizens and after having been married in Trinidad moved to New York, U.S. We have no children or assets to divide and have not lived together for over nine years. I presently live in Arizona, U.S. and hold a valid perminate resident card. The last known address for the other party was New York. Is it possible for me to file for a divorce from the U.S.? and without knowing the parties address?

    1. You need to speak to a US Attorney. I am not familiar with how the system in the US works.

      It is possible to file for divorce without knowing the current address of your spouse by sending it to the "last known address".


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