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Friday, 30 October 2015

Road traffic laws: keep left except when overtaking

There seems to be some confusion regarding road traffic laws in this lawless country of ours, so please allow me to clarify.

According to the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Regulations (G 1.6.44) under the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act 1934, as amended, it is the LAW to keep to the left side of any roadway, REGARDLESS of the speed at which one is driving.

Regulation #38 - Every driver of a motor vehicle shall comply with the following rules:
  • Rule #5(1) - S/He shall keep the motor vehicle on the left of the road unless prevented by some sufficient cause...

  • Rule #10 - Slow moving traffic shall keep as much to the left as possible at all times...

  • Rule #105 - Wherever dual carriageways are provided along a public road all vehicles shall proceed along or keep to the left hand carriageway and shall keep to the left side of the left hand carriageway except when overtaking.


  1. Thanks for sharing. Do you know where i can find regulations governing use of a two lane roundabout and single lane exists?

    1. I always wondered why we introduced roundabouts without educating the public. I learnt this from living in England... you can start there.

  2. Given the aI ask what is the legal right when in the center lane of a 6 lane duak carriageway should one find an empty left lane and the center is moving at 100 plus?

  3. Does this apply to the nation's highways as well?


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