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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Dance-hall License

Q: Do I need permission to have a weekly karaoke event at my bar?

A: Yes. According to Section 2 of the Theatres and Dance Halls Act 1934, as amended, a “dance hall” means any building, tent or other erection open to the public gratuitously or otherwise, where public dancing or singing takes place.

S. 3(1) - After the commencement of this Act a place within a specified area shall not be used as a theatre or dance hall without a licence.

A license is acquired through an application to the Magistrate's court in the district of the venue, and is granted for 12 months at a time. 


  1. if for instance the license is applicable to a resort, can the resort be covered by the license if they decide to hold a fete in a large open air area within the compound of the said resort?

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  6. I realize that persons who obtain temporary dancehall licenses put the bat anywhere, can someone with an annual dancehall license change the location for an event? Not permanently change just for the event


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