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Friday, 20 May 2011

Divorce court hearing

Q: If you file a petition for a divorce, is it necessary to have a hearing in court? or if both parties agree via lawyers can the matter stay out of court?

A: You will usually only need to attend a hearing dealing with the divorce if the proceedings are contested. You may have to attend court if you or your spouse are unable to agree arrangements for your children or for financial provision. If you both consent to all the terms, then there is no need to go to court.


  1. What if your spouse was living else where and he wanted a place to stay for a bit but ended up living there for longer what would be the verdict if you are already divorce and he is violent towards to??

  2. Whats happens when you attend court in the petitioner and respondent cannot agree on settlements etc. Also how far is the usual court date

    1. It's going to trial... dates depend on backlog. Get lawyers.

  3. What is the 'average' time to get a trial date (from the time it is requested). Also can provisions be made to take care of children in the mean time.


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