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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Doctrine of Recent Complaint

Q: What is the doctrine of recent complaint?

A: The Doctrine of recent complaint is a legal principle whereby sexually assaulted women had to report the rape at the first reasonable opportunity or it was inferred that the offence had never taken place. A "legitimate victim", it was argued, would report such a crime to the first person encountered.

This principle has been abrogated in many territories because it has been argued that a traumautised woman would not want to spread the news of her rape to anyone, for fear of being ridiculed.

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  1. Excellent site.

    I am trying to find out whether the government can establish an organization to infringe on one's privacy without having a competent tribunal or any oversight for complaints against such an organization by simply saying that the relevant section of the constitution that gives us that the undeniable right does not apply or the organization is exempted in the pursuance of its duty?


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