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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

My Crime Reduction Plan for Trinbago

This is a question to myself.

Q: Why isn't the Trinbago Government making a visible conscientious effort to stop our Section 4 (a)(b) Constituional rights from being infringed by criminals?

A: Here's a VERY brief list of what Mrs. Kamla Persad-Bissessar and her Government need to do ASAP!

1. The Firearms Act needs to impose stricter sentences on criminals found with illegal firearms. A minimum 5 year sentence plus an extra year for each round of ammunition.

2. Initiate undercover policing all over the country to get information, and guns and drugs of the streets. This will also enable us to find out who the Gang Members are and jail every man jack.

3. Take citizen complaints against the police seriously. This goes against our Constitutional right under Section 4(d). The Police Complaints Authority rarely acknowledges a complaint concerning attacks, threats, harassment and shall I also throw in killings?
There have been OVER 40 killings by state agents since 2003, and these numbers came after Anton Cooper's murder. Remember Sherman Monsegue? I think the officer involved is still in active duty.

4. Better monitoring of criminals who have served time or who were released through technicalities. Trinbago’s recidivism rate (58% as of 2008) MUST be curbed.

5. Counselling for crime victims; this is a very traumatic experience and people should be effectively trained to cope.

6. A Witness Protection Programme that actually works. Remember Clint Huggins on February 20th, 1998, Barrymore Briggs, Sean Quamina, Alicia McKenzie and Jagdesh Mahadeo? 5 of the 8 killed in witness protection. No one will say anything if they'll end up dead! Please, if you see something, say something; call Crime Stoppers on 0800- TIPS (8477)

7. CCTV cameras in the major cities to give the Police eyes where there isn’t enough foot patrol. No more promises, just do.

8. Greater Police presence, especially in residential communities at night.

9. More cars/police officers at stations at night. The current situation is totally unacceptable

10. No more notebooks. We need better technology for records. Easier, faster, more efficient.

11. In the UK, when the Police/Ambulance/Fire is called, the deadline for arrival at the scene is 15 minutes. This should also be implemented in Trinidad and Tobago. Disregarding this illustrates a disregard for public safety, so the ones responsible should be fired/fined/arrested.


  1. jagdesh mahadeo wasn't as innocent as you think he was. things goes deeper. more than you think!

  2. I am being gangster out my home , I have not moved out I'm just away by family an ppl who claims they own the property has broken off my lock an moving in my place I'm not there but I called the police I don't know what to do

  3. Good Morning, during my maternity leave am I suppose to pay Health Surcharge & PAYE? I know I will not be paying NIS. Thanks for a quick response.


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